The Reason For It All

    This year has easily been the most monumental of my life; full of unexpected twists and turns.. After graduating from my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential program in San Francisco last December, my dearest friend Amy and I traipsed around Europe for a month..

     Upon returning, I entered the professional world running, but was quickly crestfallen; California’s lack of education funding was deeply felt in the world of teachers. Many bright and shiny classroom-teacher-wannabees were unable to find jobs, and forced to consider other options. I packed my car, moved away from the best city I’ve ever known, flew to the east coast and spent a month with my lovely grandparents; doing puzzles, riding bikes, sipping lemonade, floating in the Atlantic Ocean, and staring off into corn fields..

    Things started to fall into place when I returned to Ventura in August. I landed my 1st teaching job as a 6th grade English/History teacher, and moved to the beautiful city of San Diego. Then, I met Luca. Without divulging all the magical details, I will simply say that this is where the story really begins. He was working on his master thesis in Aerospace Engineering, but his time in the US was limited. It was easily decided that I would be moving once my school year concluded. And by moving, I mean to Italy..
     My only fear is to lose any amount of closeness to my friends and family who are so dear to my heart. This blog, encouraged by my grandmother, is one of the many efforts I intend to implement in order to keep transparency in my life. Happy reading!


5 thoughts on “The Reason For It All

  1. Hey you! I, too, am moving overseas. I leave for Paraguay in 4 months. The hardest part will be leaving everyone and everything I know behind. But, we have to chase our dreams! That's what life is all about! I expect nothing but great things to happen for you! Keep it up!

  2. So crazy where life leads us Steven.. I just caught up on your blog and am so happy for you. You've worked so hard for this opportunity. Best of Luck!!

  3. You're my inspiration dear.. I just LOVE reading yours.. Formatting isn't as easy as I thought, you'll have to show me a few things..

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