A Morning Walk

I am a city girl at heart, so I feel at home in the chaos of Torino. It was complete bliss to wander the streets in the morning, with no real goal in mind. The temperature was about 85 by 10am, so we went off in search of iced coffee. It was different, as there was no ice in sight, but delicious none the less. First stop was the fish market, which we walked briskly through. Stall owners are yelling, the smell is overwhelming, and I came out the other side laughing. It was pretty indescribable, but here’s a small photo.

Next we went to the market, which is open everyday. A huge area holds fresh fruits and veggies in heaps. We settled on cherries, which were absolutely delicious. I hope to shop here weekly for my produce.

We made our way to an area of meandering streets and alleyways, where 200 year old people pull out everything they own (it seems) trying to make a euro.

We found these amazing black boxes that would be awesome for storage, but as I just arrived with 3 suitcases, we didn’t buy anything, YET.


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