Bike Sharing

After a week or so of walking aimlessly, I’ve realized I may (someday) need to get somewhere in a timely fashion. I’ve allotted myself 1 new challenge per week, as I tend become overwhelmed easily; hence, little cori BIG ITALY. This week, I decided to tackle Torino’s transportation. For 20 euro (per year), I purchased a pass to use community bikes that can be checked out all over the city. You scan your card on the bike station, and choose a bike. I make my decision based on the height of the seat, though it’s probably smart to put a little more thought into it. Last night Luca’s bike peddle fell off mid-turn, and although it was hilarious in the moment,  it could have been a disaster given the location of the incident. No one wears helmets, so I’m guessing it’s a pretty big risk to join the madness of the streets, but heck, when in Italy..

 I was so excited my first time riding I did a little dance while seated.  I have absolutely no inhibitions here, because there is about a .0587397% chance anyone will know me, so my quirkiness has sky-rocketed to a whole new level. I turned around to check if Luca was watching, and by the time I righted myself I was half way up the skirt of an older woman walking in front of me. I slammed on the breaks and completely avoided her gaze and pointed words. I started paying a little more attention after that. One of my favorite scenes in Torino is watching men in suits toting briefcases and women in dresses and heals glide by elegantly on their way to work.  I’ve not advanced to this level of cycling yet. Perhaps it will be next week’s aspiration. ( 3 days later, mission complete )


3 thoughts on “Bike Sharing

  1. Nicole ~ I'm so curious what they look like! Are you moving to Madrid in September?! ~ I love that this idea is spreading, so good for our bodies and our planet!!

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