Eating Habits

A common inquiry about life here is predictably, the food. I’ve found, when it’s 90+ degrees, I happily survive on a balanced diet of gelato and coca-light. Seeking something to write home about, we ventured out to experience some of the famous food Italy has to offer. We landed at Tre Galli (three roosters).  This award-winning restaurant is placed between several tall buildings with intricate architecture set upon cobblestones. Here, I sampled the carne cruda, avocado in insalata and yogurt (shown) and a cream of potato soup with shrimp. For dessert we split an apricot with chantilly cream on a sweet cake. A crisp white wine completed the meal. 
On a more simple evening, we grabbed burgers at Burgeria. I am not even really a burger person, and I was in complete awe of the place. The walls were covered with photos of customers in an array of awkward eating moments. One cook and one waitress prepared and served our bugger and fries in a dimly lit tavern. I enjoyed mine with my favorite Italian soda, Chinotto. Buon appetitto!


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