Finding a Hobby

        It’s interesting how fascinating a new place can appear; waiting with its new possibilities, people to meet, and memories to be made. Everything seems foreign, until all of the sudden it doesn’t. And everyone seems different, until you realize they’re not. And then you find yourself just another inhabitant; business as usual. For now, I can still occupy myself by wandering, but I sense that this time is running short as well. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) for me, the city empties for August as people head to the seaside to vacation. The noise level has dropped noticeably, and the roads which were once polluted with cars are now nearly barren. It’s as if I’m starring in one of those bagallion ‘The World is Ending’ movies, and it’s just me and my bicycle, searching for a hobby. I’ve found some unique shops;  quirky bookstores, ‘second-hand’ clothing, and a game/educational store (i.e. my paradise). These pictures are a glimpse of some of my favorite finds. Luckily work starts in less than a month, before this window shopping develops into something more serious..


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