Italian Bureaucracy

     Before you start to talk trash about California’s DMV again, hear me out. We spent the day at this bureaucratic office, trying to get my ID card. On metal benches, in 80 degrees (unconditioned), amongst children screaming; we sat, watching the numbers change. It took 4.5 hours for 68 numbers to pass. When we were finally up, all we were given was an appointment to come back, in a month. When I inquired about how to speed up the process, as the card is imperative for me to begin work, the pitiful woman shrugged her shoulders and assisted the next victim. Oh Italy..


2 thoughts on “Italian Bureaucracy

  1. Ah i totally understand, it was the same thing in germany for me. Waiting on benches, watching numbers go by on an led screen only to be told 3 hours later to come back in 2weeks. Or to "come back in a month with more documents". Bureacracy is a lesson in discipline. For real. Also really enjoy your blog! You might read a friends of mine who also recently moved to europe, (prague)

  2. Josh. I thought Germany had it together? No? That surprises me. I'm glad you're enjoying reading, and thanks for the link! I'll add it to my reading list. : )

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