Moroccan Aperitivo

    Italy has this lovely concept of an ‘apertivo’. Similar to America’s ‘Happy Hour’, however greatly improved. It works like this; from about 8pm to 12am, you buy 1 drink, anywhere between 6-12 euro, and you get access to unlimited food. And I’m not talking chicken wings and loaded potatoes. There is fresh pastas, pizzas, breads, fruit, salads, olives, cheeses, etc. You grab a plate and select your food. Of course, you could go back as many times as you’d like, but I notice people usually only go once or twice. (I’m not sure everyone, ahem, could handle this freedom..) Last night, we tried a unique version of the apertivo, at Hafa Cafe, a Moroccan restaurant. As we sat with friends outside on these lovely pillow chairs, food was brought to us along with little plates to serve ourselves. Bravo Italy!


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