The Hunt

A mission that is usually quite enjoyable has taken a new form; apartment hunting. There are so many factors that make this process feel entirely new. First, the pros ~ it’s been a great way to discover new surroundings. We’ve found some awesome neighborhoods, restaurants, and other locations as a consequence of our wanderings. Once we’ve chosen our apartment, the process will be clear and simple. No credit checks, cosigners, or days of waiting for a response. Picking a location was easy. As much as I love the hustle and bustle, I prefer to perch a little outside of the madness and peer in. For example, for two years I proudly inhabited the misty Richmond District while in San Francisco. Now in Torino, after careful inspection, my first choice will be Precollina, on the opposite side of the Po River. Precollina (before Collina), is historically known as the place where the bourgeois of Torino resided.  I love this area because it separates the city life from a quieter, more hilly region. It’s peppered with villas, small wineries, and sporadic ‘apartment’ buildings. This is also the location of my new school, running trails, quaint restaurants and historic monuments. Many of my pictures show the bridge that transports one to this area..
Now for the cons. First off, it’s impossible to look in August. As previously noted, everything is closed. So, finding an apartment will coincide with my first month of work, bleh. (I’m a nester, what can I say?) Next, I must make sure it includes a kitchen,  which is not a given. Of course the space is provided, but whether or not a fridge, stove, cabinets (etc) are present must be inquired about. When I (finally) rent an apartment, I am also agreeing with the furniture inside. Which, as far as I can tell, only goes 2 ways- Option 1, it is cluttered with antiques (not the awesome ones, the ones that make you cringe and want to run for the shower) from floor to ceiling. Luca describes it by saying “it’s like your grandma is still attached to the couch!” Option 2, is futuristic-spaceship-style (I refuse to say ‘modern’, because that would allot this decorating technique more kudos than it deserves). Primary color explosion EVERWHERE. RED kitchen, BLUE bathroom, YELLOW couch. With either choice, you have the option to remove the furniture, store it, and buy your own; but how reasonable does that sound?! The final issue is the ceiling. The higher up in a building, the cheaper the space. Therefore, the most affordable apartments are the top floor. The construction of these flats display the shape of the roof; so each side of the ceiling connects to the ground. Which means, the area of your apartment is practically cut in half, because you can’t actually reach the sides and corners. (I can do a mean impression of Alice in Wonderland in these attic apartments). 
Just thinking about this predicament is making me tired. Back to watching some ‘quality’ films (“Under the Tuscan Sun” and “Letters from Juliet”) to get excited for this weekend’s trip to Toscana! 

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