Potluck with IWCT

          I have been fortunate enough to discover the International Women’s Club of Torino. Above is the incredible president, Cristina. She has truly been a superwoman; not only helping me with the logistics of relocating to Italy, but (more importantly) providing lots of laughter. Since my arrival in July, I’ve attended a brunch, an aperitivo, a ‘Dance in Motion’ class, and a potluck. And when you get 40 women together from all over the world, it’s a darn good potluck.  Last night we gathered at her gorgeous house to share delicious food and wonderful conversations. Bonding with other expats has been a vital piece to my immersion here, a sort of ‘immigrant annonomous’ if you will.  From women who also moved over this summer to those who have been here 30 years; sanity is found sharing hilarious stories, difficulties, and learning that you are not the only one who sometimes feels invisible.. I’m looking forward to creating many memories with this fantastic group!


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