Under the Tuscan Sun

 Arriving at Castello Montegufoni was a miracle in itself. Not only due to the insanely narrow and curvy roads (and, ahem, someones driving), but also because of the remote location. Tucked in the Tuscan countryside and hidden by dense shrubs, I truly can’t believe we found it all all. Parking the car, steadying my legs, and dusting ourselves off, we proceeded to check-in. We met a few other friendly families and couples; mostly European. As we were led to our apartment, through winding stairwells and tiny doors, a group of British kids scuttled past. For a moment I was sure I had been transported to Hogwarts, as I frantically searched for Harry in the group. The place was unbelievable; frescos on the ceilings, ornate furniture, astonishing views. Because of its secretive location, it was impossible to get a decent picture. You can see an ariel view here. We spent most our time reading, swimming, eating, and casual exploring the local cities (Sienna, Florence, Volterra and San Gimignano). Here are just a few images from the Castle, but more are coming from our many day trips. 


9 thoughts on “Under the Tuscan Sun

  1. Yes, I've been as well.. but I feel like it was better this time around because I didn't have to go around checking things off my to-do travel list; I could just enjoy!! A post is coming soon about Pisa as well, we stayed with some friends there and had an incredible experience with our 'local'. What did you like best about Lucca? People are raving and I just didn't make it in : ( We drove past, but I was more in the mood for a nap. Opps!

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