Pisa: Underrated

Let’s face it; Pisa doesn’t have the best reputation. And I can understand why, its charm isn’t obvious.  Within five minutes I saw a girl running down the street crying, 2 drunken men in a passionate argument, and a toddler wandering the streets on its own. The city certainly doesn’t pretend to be something that its not; it’s gritty, unorganized, and a tad sketchy. But in the end, that’s why I loved it. (Every good thing needs a little bad to be interesting, in my opinion). If led my the right person, there’s much to be appreciated. We started at the leaning tower. It’s one of those monuments, like Golden Gate Bridge or the Eiffel Tower, that you’ve seen so many times in your life in photos, it feels a little like meeting a celebrity. I was struck by its size and its angle. This thing is REALLy leaning. We hung around the beautiful lawn and surrounding courtyard for a while, watching people take 2856075690 photos of the same pose, and then we succumbed and did it as well. Next we took a stroll along the river, and ended up grabbing mojitoes and appetizers dockside, listening to jazz. Later in the evening, yet still warm, we made our way through the twinkling lights and sights of the city. We  passed a movie showing in a beautiful garden, murals on ancient walls, and the most prestigious university in Italy, the University of Pisa (founded in 1343).  I wouldn’t listen to the rumors you’ve heard about Pisa. It shows Italy’s darker side, and it’s worth seeing.. 

7 thoughts on “Pisa: Underrated

  1. This is a great post. I lived in Italy for a month last summer and my friends and I decided to do a Pisa day trip, solely for the photos. When I saw Pisa I remember clearly my reaction: this is like a joke! Not literally…but, Pisa s just so comical. It looks like a cartoon. This post SO rings true about Pisa!Enjoying your blog! Do you have an option to follow?Anticipationblog.blogspot.com

  2. Yea! I'm glad you're enjoying (and that I'm not the only one with affectionate feelings about Pisa). I really have my work cut out for me with figuring out Blogger. I'm pretty clueless about formatting and and other basics (such as following), but I know it's possible because I have some followers. Let me mess with it and get back to you : )

  3. go to 'layout' click 'add gadget' and add the 'followers' gadget. if you ever need any help with blogger formatting let me know. i've spent far too many hours trying to figure things out and always happy to help others!

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