The Move

As I learned more about the rental market here, I found myself quite discouraged. For rental agencies, which control about 99% of rentals, you are required to pay 5 months of rent up-front, 2 of which you never get back. Once we learned this tidbit of information, we became determined to find a private rental. After a few disappointments, we’ve finally secured our new spot. Previously I mentioned that I wanted to be a bit outside of the city for various reasons.. Well, I guess I can just eat those words. We are now inhabiting perhaps the direct center point of Torino, and I am extremely happy about it.

Anyway, though we are central, our apartment faces an inner courtyard so the noise from the city isn’t able to creep over the walls and disturb our peace. It also means our view is into our neighbors living rooms. And speaking of neighbors, one seems to be a professional pianist;  I haven’t yet decided whether that’s a blessing or a curse. The apartment is a quick 20 minute commute by bus to work, and when home I can walk to just about anything: museums, restaurants, grocery stores and clothing boutiques. We are sandwiched between a pizza place and a rug store, across from a shoe shop, steps away from the famous Piazza San Carlo, and down the street from Yogurtlandia; what more could a girl ask for?! 
After 3 LONG months of living out of a suitcase, we (FINALLY) began our move last weekend. It was raining like crazy, traffic was insane, and IKEA was a zoo. Did I mention that our apartment is on the 4th floor, without an elevator? By 4pm Sunday, despite our best efforts, we lay across our unassembled ikea bed in a pathetic heap, sneezing and coughing away. Somehow we’d both come down with the flu. Though we flew the white flag this time, we will certainly be settled by next weekend.  This event seals my residency in Italy, which still seems like a impossible dream. 

5 thoughts on “The Move

  1. ahhh so exciting!! i can't wait to see pictures! isn't it so nice to feel like you can get settled. like you're actually starting your life there!so sorry you guys are sick! feel better! little germy kids i'm sure!

  2. and that's crazy you have to pay that much up front and don't get 2 months back! that's ridiculous! here the agency usually charges one months rent but it's not extremely difficult to find direct landlords to rent from

  3. Nicole.. Yes, this has been the longest and most difficult move I've ever endured. I'll really feel like I've accomplished something when it all settles, (and never want to move again!) I loved seeing your place as well. It's funny, apartment hunting in Europe is kinda like in SF, "What do I actually NEED, compared to what I WANT." I'm sure you went through the same personal questioning! xo

  4. Charity, Thanks for your support! Though we're moved in soon, I'm sure it will be a while before we're 'picture ready'! I imagine it will be a bit like camping for a while : ) If you make it to Italy, make sure to stop by Torino, Italy's not so hidden treasure!! x

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