Happy October!!

Well, as my favorite month of the year is underway, I’ve found myself a bit feeling nostalgic. Besides the many lovely people I miss speaking to and seeing regularly, here is what I long for, in no particular order (I admit this list makes me sound incredibly American, and a bit unoriginal) :

*Hot Yoga
*All things Trader Joes 
*Cornerstone Church
*Lazy morning girl talk
*HUGE coffees (especially Starbucks holiday drinks)
*English Bookstores
*Saying hello to strangers
*San Francisco
*Bars that close at 1:30 (yes, I said it. I’m a teacher, I’m tired.)
*The Ocean
*Workout clothes counting as an ‘outfit’
*Dinners that occur before 9pm
You can take the girl out of California…


2 thoughts on “Happy October!!

  1. amen to all of them!! espeically san francisco, bagels, brunch and work out clothes as an outfit! i just want to get hom from work put on some lululemons and run errands in tennis shoes instead of already painful flats!

  2. Seriously Nicole. I thought flats were comfortable, until I moved to Italy. I just walk SO MUCH. I've been able to do the breakfast thing, at my house; but it's just not quite the same..

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