Living abroad time changes you in countless ways. I am so grateful for Luca for coming into my life and filling it with this grand adventure. Sometimes I have moments of clarity during which I can’t believe where my life has taken me in the last year. However, going home for the holidays was something I desperately needed. Our trip to the USA landed 6 months after my arrival in Italy. By December, winter settled over this Italian city, days became short and dark, and I was starting to really miss family and friends. There is something so indescribable about the feeling you get being around people you’ve known your whole life. The peace, comfort and understanding is truly priceless. This holds especially true when you have spent the last good part of a year being a stranger to everyone. The 12 days in California certainly weren’t enough, but I spent every single moment filling them with people I loved; hugging them a little tighter, smiling just a little wider. 
    As the days flew by, I was afraid of how I would feel traveling back to Italy. Not because I didn’t want to go, but because there were things I didn’t want to leave. Instead, as our plane took off I felt an emense sense of calm. After countless tearful goodbyes in airports, Luca had made me a promise; the next time we were in an airport we’d be traveling together. He held true, and with him it was effortless. As we assended into the air I thought of all the beautiful changes happening in the lives of my family and friends; marriages, babies, relocations. I realized that although life may be morphing and shifting, the important things remain. And there will always be that small beachy town with it’s happy people to welcome me home..

One thought on “2013

  1. this is so beautiful cori. it's so crazy where life takes us. and just look at the adventure you're on! i know what you mean though. being home for christmas was so amazing, it was hard to come back without the familiarity, comfort and loved ones i miss so much

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