Pré-Saint-Didier Terme


Visiting Pré-Saint-Didier Terme is one of my most memorable experiences in Italy thus far. It is magnificently located; hidden deep in the alps where Switzerland, Italy, and France meet. With my mom and her husband here for ‘Ski Week’, we sought out some easy day trips. ( Also a perfect place to relax after our half-marathon in Verona the week before! ) Upon arrival we were given a lovely cozy white robe, and a brief explanation of the spa. There are over 40 natural water spas in and outside of the building, saunas, massage rooms, mud baths, and relaxation rooms. We first loaded up in the complementary buffet; fresh fruits and veggies, juices, teas, yogurts and granola. Luca is still a bit skeptical in the picture bellow..


Eventually we made our way outside. We lost hours roaming from the spas, to the saunas, to the buffet and back. Snow fell softly in the afternoon, as we gazed at the mountains in a trance.


Here, my mom looks on as Luca and I stand under the heated waterfall.. Heaven.


At the end of the day the sun came out, giving us a peak of the gorgeous landscape.


For more information ( and better pictures ) check out their site!


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