easter 1

Here in Italy, Easter is a big deal. In addition to four days of vacation, students showered me with gifts; chocolate eggs, flowers, and jewelry. I’m enjoying how celebrated religious holidays are; but missing others – halloween, Valentines day, St. Patricks day. Here in Piemonte (though each region differs immensely in Italy) people celebrate by going to church on Sunday, buying a chocolate egg for kids (thankfully Luca’s mom still considers us kids) and having a BBQ on Pasquetta – or Little Easter, the Monday after Easter Sunday. We celebrated with some family friends over too much food, wine and delicious desserts.

easter 8

For Easter lunch, we had rolata (a boiled egg wrapped in a slice of ham and turkey breast) and piselli e prosciutto. Dessert was fragole (fresh strawberries) e gelato.

easter 3

easter 6

These popular eggs, the Kinder Sorpressa, were first made in Italy in 1974. They contain a plastic egg, with a surprise inside; a toy car, stuffed animal, and so on. Currently, they are illegal in the US due to the ‘choking hazard’.

easter 2

BBQ lunch on Pasquetta..

easter 7

Adorable new addition to the world..

easter 4

Dessert was homemade Pastiera Napoletana (a delicious pie of ricotta cheese and dried fruits). Buona Pasqua!


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