London: Notting Hill and Portobello Road


London took me by surprise; I fell in love immediately. I was warned of it’s less than desirable weather, and terrible food. For me, neither of those accusations were true. I savored each scrumptious meal, and was lucky enough to go on one of the very few blue-skyed weekends. The city was ALIVE.  Because I took hundreds of pictures, I don’t know where to begin. But why not with our last day, in Notting Hill..



Right off the subway, there was an explosion of vibrant colors.  We hit Portobello Market on an off day, allowing us to breeze through Notting Hill freely. I was in awe of the loudly painted homes and abundance of blooming flowers.

LM13LM12 LM9 LM7 LM6


After OOOOing and AHHHing over every nook of this neighborhood, we settled in a quaint little pub for lunch. Fish and chips for him, salmon cakes for me. pub 2 pub 1

London, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Bravo.



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