Our day trip to Capri started with a short ferry ride across the Tyrrhenian Sea. The chilly and cloud-filled day gave Vesuvius an awesome backdrop. IMG_8805

IMG_8812 We arrived Marina Grande.


Here we were met by men selling trips around the island. Instead, we grabbed coffees and took in the view before we headed up to the town of Capri.

IMG_8824 IMG_8826

In order to get to Capri, we needed to take the funiculare. This funny little train/bus took us vertically up the hill, providing panoramic views of the island and beyond.


IMG_8842 IMG_8846 IMG_8844

In Capri proper, there are little shops and tiny pathways and blooming flowers. We left the center immediately and wandered the neighborhoods, discovering little treasures all around. My favorite place was a tiny elementary school tucked privately into the hill. It’s sign stating the hours read, “School starts at 8-9; flexible.” It was clear that Capri was on ‘island-time’.

IMG_8850 IMG_8866 IMG_8864 IMG_8863 IMG_8862 IMG_8861 IMG_8860 IMG_8859 IMG_8857 IMG_8854 IMG_8853 IMG_8851 IMG_8869

The day warmed-up quickly, so we stopped for fresh juice and dripping ice creams. We then wandered past some incredible hotels, and up the hill to the Gardens of Augustus.IMG_8892 IMG_8889

IMG_8914 IMG_8915We reached the top of the hill, and spent some quiet moments peering down at the ocean bellow. It’s honestly almost too beautiful, too perfect. We took some shots, and headed down to the beach. IMG_8909

The path slowly lead us down to the beach, lazily winding back and forth.


IMG_8920 IMG_8917 IMG_8922 IMG_8918capri viewWhen we eventually made it down to the beach, we lunched at Ristorante di Gioia.

IMG_8952Bellies full,  we rested on the beach.


IMG_8941 IMG_8940 IMG_8937We lounged in that strange place between consciousness and sleep, as the waves gently tuned out the world. Some unmeasurable time later, we packed up and headed back. Though there was convertible taxis, we opted for the bus.

IMG_8953The weather was perfect, and the island wasn’t a bit over crowded. I feel safe to say we saw Capri in one of it’s best moments. One of it’s popular spots was nearly deserted (below). Until next time~ ciao ciao Capri!

IMG_8957 IMG_8956


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