When planning for the trip to Napoli, there were several decisions to make. There are many small islands, ruin sites, and museums. The tiny island of Procida kept coming up in conversation, with conflicting opinions. I decided it was definitely a place I needed to check out for myself.

IMG_9129IMG_9122 IMG_9119Procida is unkept; paint peeling, laundry displayed, and un-manicured. Capri’s less beautiful, but far more interesting friend. Soulful and mysterious. Fisherman slowly untangled their nets, children tossed a soccer ball around, couples stretched out on benches.  It felt inhabited, and friendly- unlike beautiful but pretentious Capri. After a brief exploration of the small town on the shore, we spent the day walking up and down the hilly terrain.


IMG_9128 IMG_9125 IMG_9121 IMG_9117 The island was so small, we didn’t really need a plan. At the top of a hill we got phenomenal views of the pastel painted houses, and the wide stretching ocean.

IMG_9152 IMG_9150 IMG_9148 IMG_9147 IMG_9145 IMG_9144 IMG_9143

IMG_9164 IMG_9162 IMG_9157IMG_9160Here, we met some locals, sipping mojitos and listening to music. 

IMG_9169 IMG_9188 IMG_9184 IMG_9177 IMG_9176 IMG_9174 IMG_9171

I felt a bit like a voyeur, gazing in each open doorway and window. Homes were cluttered with flower pots, childrens’ laughter, and other signs of life. However, it seemed as if the island was in a haze. A place where you could forget about the outside world, and spend each day peacefully passing time. It’s impossible not to daydream about what life would be like here. The island was incredible quiet, and we found ourselves silently navigating our way around. Eventually we made our way down to the black lava sand beach.


IMG_9219 IMG_9216 IMG_9214 IMG_9213 IMG_9212 IMG_9211 IMG_9208

We got a little lost- but what’s lost when you’ve got no where to go? We found a hilltop winery, an abandon church, and some homes we’d have no problem retiring in.

IMG_9205 IMG_9204 IMG_9192 IMG_9191

IMG_9236 IMG_9234 IMG_9232 IMG_9230Procida is probably the most tranquil place I’ve visited in Italy (or anywhere?), I get a sense of calm just looking back on the pictures. My conclusion? If you’ve got the change – go!


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