Road Trip

This summer already seems like a far distant dream. I know it will be one I talk about when I am old and grey, without any need of exaggeration or fluff.  I have aggressively procrastinated posting anything from it, because I just can’t seem to find the appropriate words – but now that two months have passed, I realize I must start somewhere. So why not the beginning?  We decided to drive the length of Italy, mainly because we waited too long to buy train or plane tickets, and it ended up being the most economic decision. Which is saying a lot, considering gas is twice as much in Italy as in the United States. Our first stop, on our way to Perugia, was at this darling agritorismo. These less expensive accomodations are known for their home-like atmosphere, and living completely off the land. The guests of these tiny five rooms, were fed everyone each night in their ‘resturant’, straight from the farm. The meat, veggies, and wines were created directly on the land we stood. Here is a view from our balcony, onto the property:
IMG_9288You can see, to the left, the chicken coops and horse corrals. To the right is the little pool we bathed in before dinner, and off in the distance the wineries which produced the wine accompanying our dinner.
IMG_9283A few peaceful minutes poolside before dinner.

IMG_9286Behind the building is the flower and vegetable garden.  It’s a quiet little sanctuarity, exploading with colors, flavors, and tranquility.
IMG_9273IMG_9276 IMG_9275 IMG_9280 IMG_9278 Looking through these pictures, I can still feel the calm that instantly blanketed me when I arrived.. Dreaming until next time.


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