My Top (15?) of Turin

Some friends are coming to visit Turin in a few days and I started a ‘to-do’ list. It began like this: FIAT Factory, Egyptian Museum (second only to Cairo), Piazza Castello, The Mole Antonella.. YAWWWWNN. Then I got really bored. None of these routinely listed   tourist attractions would I actually want to go to. Okay, maybe some. But my honest to-do list looks like this –

1. Pack a picnic and head to Parco Valentino.


2. Be your own tour guide of the cities apartments. Sneak in courtyards, open doorways.. I promise, nobody’s looking.


3. Grab a book and head to the reading rooms.


4. Around sunset, pick up some beer and go sit by the river. Don’t worry, it’s legal.


5. Take the small red train up to Superga and get some perspective.


6. Have an apertivo, outside. It’s just like the movies.

piazza vittorio

7. Rent some bikes and give the Italian streets an honest shot. Then take a cold shower.


8. Walk over to the Villa Della Regina early, while no one has arrived yet, and pretend it’s your house.


9. Eat a gelato and go window shopping. Via La Grange, Via Po, Via Roma.


10. Head to San Salvario to join the edgier crowd and pretend your 25 again.


11. Row down the Po.


12. Have a cappucino at Maison.


13. Have dinner in the Latin Quarter. There are Roman ruins in the parking garage if you need some culture.


14. Meander Europe’s largest open air market and sample some fruit, buy some flowers.


15. Go antiquing, outside.



* None of the these pictures are mine, but they’re all from Torino : )


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